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1824 spectators had come to Fort Dansborg this cloudy day. was the appointed referee with assistance provided by Teemu Lämpsä and Love Karlsson. Tranquebar decided to use a 2-5-3 set up. They fielded: Nataraj - Bomma, Panvalkar - Wasif, Kota, Sharma, Samal, Trivedi - Reddy, Jindal, Prabhu.

Langer tactics involved an interesting 2-5-3 combination. The following players had been chosen: Helmantel - Bajpai, Iribi - Barbier, Goryński, Stilla, Muralidharan, Ariyapadi - Kazmi, Nandini, Gangawane.

10 minutes had elapsed when a great chance for Tranquebar to take the lead after a good cross from the right found Yasin Wasif alone with the keeper, but he chipped it to the wrong side of the post. Langer took the lead 23 minutes into the game, making the score 0 - 1 after some elegant movement down the middle. Aanandaprakash Nandini was the scorer. Aakaar Kazmi of Langer took advantage of a mistake on the home side's right after 33 minutes which increased the away team's lead to 0 - 2. 37 minutes in, Tranquebar's Rajinikanth 'Foggy' Reddy received a yellow card for going into a challenge studs first. Julien Barbier's speed was clear to see after 38 minutes, as he darted down the wing and released Aanandaprakash Nandini who placed the ball into the back of the net to make the score 0 - 3. With 39 minutes played, a quick exchange of passes on the left wing freed Amish Gangawane of Langer to slip through the defence and score another goal for the visitors. That made the score 0 - 4. After 40 minutes, a mistake by the home side's left defence allowed Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi to get through. He outclassed the home side's keeper, adding another goal for the visitors. 0 - 5. The players of Langer now seemed to think the job was done and acted more defensively, just waiting for the ref to blow the final whistle. After 41 minutes of play, Tranquebar's Hiren Sharma unexpectedly struck an inside out ball from no angle at all and Pramod Trivedi slotted it into the net for 1 - 5. 1 - 5 was the halftime score. Langer claimed to have seen most of the ball, and the statistics agreed with them - possession being 61 percent.

49 minutes into the match, the visitors put themselves ahead 1 - 6 as Luis Miguel Iribi finished off an attack from the left with a spectacular scissors kick. Some fine movement on the left led to a Langer goal after 56 minutes, making it 1 - 7. Aakaar Kazmi was noted down as the scorer. Sensing defeat in the air, the Tranquebar manager directed Deepak Bomma and Pramod Trivedi to change positions with each other. This was 60 minutes into the match. With 60 minutes played, Langer put themselves up 1 - 8 after an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder. The scorer was Aanandaprakash Nandini. By then Aanandaprakash Nandini had scored three goals - a hat trick! After 62 minutes, an incisive pass through the middle gave Aanandaprakash Nandini a chance to increase the lead for Langer, and he did not disappoint. The score was then 1 - 9. Langer enjoyed most of the ball, as they maintained 67 percent of possession.

The most dominating Tranquebar player was without a doubt Rajinikanth 'Foggy' Reddy. Pramod Trivedi turned in a dismal performance, however. Langer's top performer was clearly Amish Gangawane. However, Luis Miguel Iribi made a disastrous appearance. The match ends 1 - 9.

Rating details

Midfield weak (high) passable (very low) 15 21 4/20 6/20
Right defence poor (high) outstanding (very high) 11 40 3/20 10/20
Central defence poor (very low) formidable (low) 9 34 3/20 9/20
Left defence poor (low) solid (very low) 10 25 3/20 7/20
Right attack passable (high) outstanding (very high) 23 40 6/20 10/20
Central attack solid (low) brilliant (high) 26 43 7/20 11/20
Left attack passable (low) passable (low) 22 22 6/20 6/20
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak (high) solid (low) 15 26 4/20 7/20
Attack weak (very high) solid (high) 16 27 4/20 7/20
Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)


0 - 1  Aanandaprakash Nandini 23'
0 - 2  Aakaar Kazmi 33'
0 - 3  Aanandaprakash Nandini 38'
0 - 4  Amish Gangawane 39'
0 - 5  Chinnamuthu Ariyapadi 40'
1 - 5  Pramod Trivedi 41'
1 - 6  Luis Miguel Iribi 49'
1 - 7  Aakaar Kazmi 56'
1 - 8  Aanandaprakash Nandini 60'
1 - 9  Aanandaprakash Nandini 62'
Rajinikanth 'Foggy' Reddy 37'
Position swap Out  Pramod Trivedi
In  Deepak Bomma



Chance distribution

Home Away
2 10

0 Left attack 4
0 Central attack 2
1 Right attack 3
0 Other 0
1 Special events 1
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Rating details

Please note that the percentages above are meant to guide you, but they do not equate to the exact probabilities (to score for example) used in the match engine.

Indirect set pieces

Defence weak (high) solid (low) 15 26 4/20 7/20
Attack weak (very high) solid (high) 16 27 4/20 7/20


Team attitude (Hidden) (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Normal
Tactic skill (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic) (no tactic)

Average ratings

Total player experience wretched (low) solid (very high) 6 28 2/20 7/20
Average midfield weak (high) passable (very low) 15 21 4/20 6/20
Average defence poor (low) formidable (very low) 10 33 3/20 9/20
Average attack passable (very high) formidable (high) 24 35 6/20 9/20
Total average weak (very high) excellent (low) 16 30 5/20 8/20


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